For local or online – service
or product-based – small businesses


The mission is two part: in what I do and how I do it.

I want you to do what you love, and to help you do that, I make websites (and sales pages, and offer other business services) that help you get business.

When you speak the languages of empathy, energy, feeling and desire engaging in web tasks can become burdensome, and communicating with techies equally so. 

So I choose to be a bridge between the two worlds – yours, and the world of web tech. I engage in web tasks on both the logical and emotional levels, speaking your language, and delivering a holistic and relaxed process.

“I saw an increase in profits from the very first day of launching!”

Keisha Luke – Culinary Nutritionist

"In 3 Days, Laura finished tech tasks I’d been procrastinating for 2 years!"

Jennie Ward – Psychologist

"What helped me even more than your designs was your process…"

Deb Farina – Psychic Business Coach

“It was divine intervention. Plain and Simple.”

Michelle DeWitt – Intuitive Advisor

“I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers.”

Jennifer Scribner – Author, GAPS Diet Practitioner

“She sees your potential and your potential transformation.”

Carmen Smallegange – Consciousness Coach

“If you are serious with your business, she’s the pro to go to, to cover your back.”

Klemen Thomas – Coach

Laura Licata

User-Experience Designer, WordPress Developer

I’m originally from Canada, but have been living abroad since 2011 and settled in Amsterdam in 2015.

I started my first online business in 2010 with a monetized travel and recipe blog. That’s when my never-ending love affair with WordPress began.

I took up web programming in a university course, and supplemented that with other web development courses, then gained experience by designing and developing the websites for my next 3 businesses – an online jewellery shop, a Toronto-based nutrition business, and a virtual assistance business. I began creating websites professionally in 2014 and haven’t stopped since.

My background as a holistic nutritionist and energy healer play into how I show up for clients, and how I deliver a highly attuned end-product. 

Laura Licata Web Designer