Holistic Website Design and Development

Rooting Small Businesses Online

Healthy growth begins by planting the seeds to a solid foundation

A professionally designed and developed website acts as a headquarters for your entire business. Inquiries, transactions, signups, and follows begin here.
When the website is not only beautiful, but built strategically for user effectiveness, you begin to see real momentum and growth stemming directly from your website.

Ground into your online business by choosing one of the three website services:

Essence branding

Set the tone of your entire business by tapping into your true essence, and revealing it in visual elements like a logo, colour scheme, and inspirational image gallery. The truer your self comes across in your visual representation, the more likely you’ll attract clients and customers who are a perfect match.

Custom Website Creation

When you’re ready to grow your already established business, it’s  time for a totally unique look and an efficient re-organization. I offer custom design in an all-inclusive service. Following your own pace and flow, I walk you through the signature six step process which ensures you get a website that represents you and your business at their essence.

Templated Website Creation

When you’re getting your first website online, and you need a professional space without making the commitment of something completely custom, allowing you the space to grow into your unique look and feel over time, I offer three professional templates that can be customized to showcase your uniqueness.

Get Started

Hello, I’m Laura

I’m passionate about online business, natural living, integrative health, and spirituality.
If I’m not behind my computer designing or developing, you’ll most definitely find me in the forest.
Take a look around to see how I can help you. If you think we’re a good fit, let’s schedule a call and get to know each other!

“The experience was parallel to the work I do with my counselling clients.”


“My psychology practise had been growing rapidly and I was ready to step up my marketing game. My business’ website has always been key to my business and getting referrals, and since it had been five years since my original website was launched, I knew it was time for something new and up to date.

Working with Laura was natural. She guided me along, spending time developing the website in an organized way. The experience was parallel to the work I do with my counselling clients.

Now I have a website that really feels like it represents who we are in Turning Stone Counseling. It’s clean, down to earth and feminine. It has so much flow and it’s up to date.”