For health, spirituality and heart-based businesses


Coding and design are usually left-brained purely practical processes, but you speak the languages of empathy, energy, feeling and desire.

Translation – you risk frustrated communications with techies, or tasks completely put off for years in total avoidance.

I’ve dedicated my mission to being the bridge between the two worlds. I engage in web tasks on both the logical and emotional levels, speaking your language, and delivering a holistic and relaxed process.

Services Offered:

Website design & Development

E-Course Design & Development

Sales page Design & Development

Website maintenance and tech support

Business planning and systems organization

Automation and Funnels

“I saw an increase in profits from the very first day of launching!”

Keisha Luke – Culinary Nutritionist

"In 3 Days, Laura finished tech tasks I’d been procrastinating for 2 years!"

Jennie Ward – Psychologist

"What helped me even more than your designs was your process…"

Deb Farina – Psychic Business Coach

“It was divine intervention. Plain and Simple.”

Michelle DeWitt – Intuitive Advisor

“I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers.”

Jennifer Scribner – Author, GAPS Diet Practitioner

“She sees your potential and your potential transformation.”

Carmen Smallegange – Consciousness Coach

“If you are serious with your business, she’s the pro to go to, to cover your back.”

Klemen Thomas – Coach

Laura Licata

UX Designer, WordPress Developer, Healer

When I was learning web programming, I threatened to throw my laptop out of the window on a daily basis. Then something clicked and it became a joy! It’s magical to configure software and write lines of code and see a design turn into a real functioning tool for generating business.

Around the same time I graduated as a nutritionist and started a practise combined with energy healing. I began attracting other health-based business owners as my web design clients, including nutritionists, psychologists, aromatherapists, doulas, yoga teachers, and more. This is when I learned how large of a gap there is in this industry for people like you and I. It’s rare to find a developer/designer who “gets it”. So I decided to bridge that gap.

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