Business Energetic Alignment

Find deep fulfillment and grow the business you love. Address the blockages and implement better ways.


Business Energy Healing

What’s in your way? Where are you leaking energy? How can you finally get all of your needs met? Whether you have a pressing business issue, or you have a larger pattern playing out, an energy healing consultation can address it.

“I was at the end of my rope and kind of panicking about the financial situation in my biz. It’s like you physically entered my body, and even felt spots of tension that I didn’t tell you I had, but that you helped me release. It relaxed me and got me out of a negative thinking space when I was at the end of my rope. Within an hour I was relaxed again, and back into positive and productive thinking about solutions.”

Michelle, Personal advisor, United States

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Working with Laura creates structure for business. I thought I had business structure prior to our work together, but the way she implemented new systems took things to a completely different level of ease and organization.

Laura could see where there were leaking holes in the way we managed things, and then develop systems for keeping track. When it came to things like filing my taxes or doing client follow-up, or pretty much anything else, there was this clear overview, and it made running the business side of things easy.

Now I’m no longer running around doing 10 different jobs at once, because everything is automated.”

Camalo, Doula, Author, Germany

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This guide will show you how to go through every room in your house. Sort through documents, household items, clothing, and more. Deep clean your individual spaces. End the space clearing with an energetic ritual. 

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If you want a custom website built, you'll have to purchase a domain name and a subscription to web hosting. This workshop teaches you what these two things are, plus where and how to purchase them. 

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