In a recent article I compared a website to a bike. If you don’t peddle your website won’t do anything for you regardless of how state-of-the-art your website is. That being said, a strategic well-designed website will go farther and move faster than a rusty old city bike of a website.

Here are 5 ways that you can “peddle your website” and make it move so that it gets you the return on investment and the results that you’re looking for:

1) Blog or post content regularly. You can post videos, podcasts, written articles or a combination of these. Here’s how fresh and regular content helps your business:

Posting regularly is great for SEO as you will be posting articles that answer questions that people are most likely searching for on Google.

You can share your articles on social media and generate website clicks that way (then it’s up to the website to get them from reading your blog post to learning more about what you offer).

It’s great to refer prospective clients or random people asking questions to relevant articles or content you’ve written on the topic to position yourself as the go-to person in your field.

Finally, blog posts allow people to understand more about the subtleties of what you’re offering and help them develop trust in you as a professional.

2) Network online and in person and share your website whenever it’s asked for.

Meeting other professionals and exchanging business information and going your network is a solid foundational business habit to implement. Other professionals have their own networks and may no “just the person” who needs what you offer and can send over a referral if the moment is right.

By networking online in social media platforms and groups, you have the opportunity to share your services with anyone who creates a shout out for what you’re offering.

By networking and helping other people in online forums (like Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups) you have a change to demonstrate your know-how by answering industry related questions, positioning yourself as “the” professional in your field.

Once people land on your website, it’s up to your website to convert them into subscribers and customers.

3) Test out new services and products by writing and configuring very simple sales pages as soon as you have the idea. Launch your ideas rather then letting them all fall by the way side.

If you have a website, you have the ability to do this. If you’re only making offerings online you have no way to capture interest. If you’re leading people to your offers on your website, you can optimize your page with different package options, easy “buy now” or “contact” buttons, newsletter subscriptions forms, etc. You simply don’t have this same capacity off of your website.

4) Display your latest work. If you have a portfolio because you’re a creative entrepreneur, upload your latest work onto your website.

When people visit your website they’ll see relevant and new projects. If they visit again in a few months, new projects will be on your site and this will demonstrate that you’re still there, in business, and relevant – rather than so many of the thousands of business owners who start a business and then neglect it, yet leave their website up (I’m guilty as charged with this one for a few past businesses).

5) Split test different sales pages, copywriting, button colours and positioning and see what your audience responds most to.

When you work with a professional website team like my own, you will be able to implement split testing for key elements on your website so you can determine exactly what people are responding to, rather than leaving it to guessing.

Determine how you hire people you discover online. Determine what your own purchasing behaviour is. For me a lot has to do with the person’s website. The copywriting needs to speak to me and I need to see that this person is there and active. If they seem like they haven’t been on their website for months, I’m not sure if their still interested in what they’re doing.

Keep it fresh, keep the energy of your website flowing and do this by working your website with these 5 tips above.



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