Holistic Website Design and Development

Mission and About Me

Deciding to run a small business is a passion project

When you go into business for yourself, it’s because you love what you do! And when you love what you do, that has a positive ripple effect out into the world.

I support small businesses through design, websites, and other online business technical support so that they can create their ripple.

Design Inspiration

From beautiful red brick centuries-old houses in the city, to the moss that covers the trails I walk in the woods, my wondering mind draws inspiration from nature and my environment.

Developing Websites

WordPress and I have been in a love affair since 2010. Since then, through formal education and a lot of experience, I learned how to properly develop a website using coding skills when needed.

Business Systems Whisperer

My clients call me a “business systems whisperer”. I enjoy working with and creating business systems technically and practically. A business is essentially a collection of different systems functioning together.

Canadian World Traveller…

I used to dedicate my life path to travel. Whenever an opportunity struck, I took it! I’ve lived on 3 different continents, and now reside in The Netherlands. At the time of my travels I was designing jewelry and selling it online.

…Turned Amsterdam Homebody

Now I prefer to chill at home in Amsterdam, visiting the local woods as often as I can, and taking mini trips around the country. The Netherlands is such a beautiful country.

Dreaming of Living Off Grid

I’ve been dreaming of this transition for 7 years or so, hoping that there will be a day when the dream comes together. How peaceful it would be to live on a forest’s edge.

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