Creating Websites Is One of My Missions.

I have a mission supporting and helping people who’ve decided that living their passion is more important than following the crowd, and that by doing what they love, they’ll contribute to the world in the highest way they can.

I’m also a holistic nutritionist, and spend around 40% of my time working in my second business. With my nutrition business, I focus on list building, 1:1 services, and creating online programs and courses. If you have a course based business, or a service based business, I have extensive first hand experience with both.

I’ve been called “The Business Systems Whisperer” in the past due to my ability to organize and systemize everything in your business so that things run smoothly for you, day in and day out.

My Experience and Background

I started working with WordPress in 2010 when I developed my first website.

I ran a virtual assistance business from 2014-2016 which gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with pretty much every piece of business running software out there (mailchimp, Infusionsoft, calendar software, booking, payment processors, quizzes, membership sites, etc.)

I learned design with the help of design mentors who encouraged me to stretch my limits with every project and guided me along the way, along with many many many photoshop tutorials, and hours upon hours of Pinterest research that continues every day.

I use a combo of WordPress + HTML + CSS + Plugins/Software to make highly customized one-of-a-kind websites. No cookie cutter designs over here. I make the look and the experience of your website super cool.

Get To Know Me Personally

  • Energy, the universe, alignment, manifestation…I’m really into the woo.
  • I’ve been practising Nichiren Buddhism for 10 years which involves a daily chanting practice and the mission to achieve global peace through the spread of humanitarian values.
  • I have a fierce passion for holistic nutrition and natural health.
  • Unfortunately my love for croissants and cheesecake is also fiercely passionate.
  • I love gardening…even if I can only do it on my French balcony for now.
  • I’ve lived in Canada, France, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands…I hope to stay in The Netherlands.

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