If there’s one thing that throws me off of my work it’s checking out the work of other website designers and developers and comparing my work to theirs.

Are you comparing yourself to others in your field?

Approximately 2 weeks ago I recognized this sabotaging pattern:

  • Discover a new website designer
  • Check out their work
  • Question myself and my own abilities
  • Question whether I should rework my entire business
  • Go into “analysis paralysis” and hang out on Youtube or Facebook instead of doing my own thing.
  • I’ve heard the expression “stay in your own lane” repeatedly over the past couple of years, but I didn’t actually get what this meant until I saw this sabotaging pattern play out.

Now 2 weeks later here’s what I’ve done instead of engage in that self-defeating cycle:

  • Discover a new web designer
  • Go back to work

I’m reminded of what was drummed into me and my classmates by teachers when I was a kid, “Keep your eyes on your own paper”.

There is so much power in keeping my eyes on my own stuff and not engaging in comparison.
Instead of jumping the emotion roller coaster that comparing ourselves to others causes, I’m refusing to hop on and instead I’m continuing on my own path. I want success for all of us. Well, if I don’t actually produce because I’m too paralyzed by questioning myself constantly, than it will be success for everyone else but me.

Everyone has their place in the industry, regardless of what industry you’re in. Imagine a doctor or lawyer saying, “I’m not going to become a doctor/lawyer because the industry is saturated and so and so does it better than me anyway”.

That probably doesn’t happen very often, yet us online entrepreneurs (you do it too, right?) keep looking at other people’s stuff and grading our own work based on it.

There’s so much space. We’re all so unique and we all have unique ideas to bring to the table. My perspective and experience is so different from anyone else’s. My unique combination of skills and personality will be the perfect fit for the right people.

We also wouldn’t be able to work with everyone. There are some people who aren’t the right fit for my service for any number of reasons. Does this mean they shouldn’t get a website? No! I’m so grateful there are so many web designers out there for people to choose from based on their own needs.

Are you comparing yourself to others?

I give you a challenge. Keep your eyes on your own paper for the next month. When you see yourself peeking over to see what your neighbour is doing, stop yourself and get back to work.

When you do this you’ll also begin to meet your best industry buddies – people who are in your industry and do similar work to you, but instead of comparing yourself to each other, you’re supporting each other. I have a few great web designers in my life like this.

Stop comparing, do your own thing, and you’ll see a massive creative shift.



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