I believe that when we set a determination, all forces in the universe begin moving us along that direction, mirroring and matching our desire.

Let’s compare this to health. The body longs for a state of homeostasis. The body is extremely resilient because it will fight to live until the very last second. The body wants to be healthy. When you abuse your body’s blood sugar regulating system by eating something very high on the glycemic index, your body doesn’t just let you suffer the negative consequences. No! Instead an organ, the pancreas, kicks in and creates a counter-measure to prevent you from getting sick, and that’s to release a high dose of insulin to lower the sugar level in the blood.

What does this have to do with business or goals?

Just as the body desires health and will do everything in it’s power to keep you in a state of health. The universe desires your happiness and will do anything in it’s power to help you achieve your goals.

When you ignore your body’s signals constantly, the back up systems fail. The body can’t remain healthy for an entire lifetime if you keep ignoring the signs and signals that it’s trying to give you so that you may remain in a state of health.

The universe presents signs and clues along the way and you need to pay attention and trust them, and then take action on them. If you keep ignoring the signs and the clues, you won’t reach the goal.

Everyone has a different combination of signs and clues that lead them to their desired result. That’s a good reason to stop judging someone else’s path. Maybe a book has entered your reality that gives you a big inspiration about an action step to take next. That same book can be the wrong choice for someone else. It’s just not their path.

Following the signs is a risky and challenging task to take on.

How do you know if it’s a sign or a clue?

Here’s my guideline: If it comes into your reality organically, take action on it and see where it leads.

I have a new nutrition product coming up. It came to me one night. The whole program is typed up in only a week – that’s how aligned the topic was. I’ve never launched a product before. Actually, I’m not even practising nutrition in a business sense at the moment.

This idea came to me about 4 days after I began visualizing the ideal life I want for myself. In that visualization I pictured myself working on website projects in a relaxed way plus something else – a secondary stream of passive income coming through.

Does it make sense for me to put time and energy into creating a nutrition product? Not really. But it’s one of my clues. Not one day after I wrote the outline, a friend messaged me on Skype asking me (out of the blue) if I would do meal planning with her and her husband. Weird, eh?

Now get this…a couple of days after that, as I continued my daily visualization my friend in my small business miracle making mastermind messaged our group asking us to pick up this book about realizing our impossible dream in 90 days. As a practising Nichiren Buddhist, one of the slogans we use often is “Make The Impossible Possible” so when I saw that on one of the first pages of the book it said, “Make The Impossible Possible” I got shivers down my spine. Another clue.

She linked Amazon UK which had the book at £8. My Kindle is connected to my Canadian Amazon account and the book was only $1.99. Another clue!

Now this starts moving quickly. Today I decided to check out one of my favourite blogs. The writer posted an article reviewing The Product Launch Formula (by Jeff Walker) when it was being launched last summer. I don’t know what attracted me to the video except that he said he would give an honest review of the program and knowing that he’s a very honest, truthful and transparent guy, I was curious because I had only heard highly emotional reviews of it in the past. I ended up watching the entire 90 minute video (on 1.5 speed so it didn’t take as long to watch) and something in the video also clicked.

Jeff has a book that spells out the program. This is my next clue.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Last week I wrote an article about Riding The Wave of Action. The key is to have the courage to take action on these things instead of letting laziness or fear get in the way.

The truth is that we have the capacity to achieve our goals quickly, but we sabotage ourselves (The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks talks about a concept called Upper Limiting). Riding the wave of action takes courage and following these clues is a bit scary, because things are moving really quickly.

Pay attention and remember that the clues are unique to you so if it’s coming to you, it’s for you so take action on it now. Ride the wave with courage and see where it will take you.

A final tip for being able to ride the wave longer is to have the mindset of experimentation when going through this. Experiment with following the clues and play with it. See if they lead you to dead ends or not but don’t attach any emotions to the end result. Have fun and play!

Co-create with the universe in magical ways!



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