When you’re first starting out you may not have the content, nor the budget to invest your business money into a full website package and copywriting. You’ll most likely start out with a starter site.

When do you decide to transition away from your starter site and higher a professional to up your professionalism?

Here are the guidelines:

You have a signature service, multiple services, a signature product, multiple products, or a combination of the above and you’ve been delivering them for a couple of years or so. You have experience doing what you’re doing, you understand the solid results you deliver and who you work with.

You have new business ideas, and you want to consolidate a couple of your businesses/ideas into one, or transition into a larger vision (like moving from a brand name product to doing business under your own name, or like a recent client of mine transitioned from focusing on her GAPS Diet consulting to her Young Living Essential Oil business).

You’re committed to your business. You’re in it for the long haul. It’s not an experiment. You’ve been in it long enough to know that this is your life’s work (at least for the next 5 years).

You’re ready to launch yourself as a public figure. This could look like getting media appearances, publishing a book, or having a large social media following. If a lot of people will be visiting your website, you want your website to match your level of success.

You want to manifest greater opportunities for yourself in business. Maybe you aren’t exactly there yet when it comes to the social media following, or the media appearances, but you want to step into a more visible time in your business. Creating the space online where you’re represented as the best, most polished version of you can help you attract greater opportunities. I totally believe in the saying “Fake it until you make it” or “Dress for success”.

You want your business to be easy, and want to work with someone who will streamline everything technically for you. Right now you’ve probably DIY’d every aspect of your business, from your online courses, to your appointment booking and your payment methods. Getting a new website isn’t all about aesthetics, it’s about implementing foundational tech systems that will streamline the way you do your business.

You’re tired of the hassle of figuring everything out yourself and you realize that your time is worth more than that, and you deserve to focus on your zone of genius and give others the opportunity to focus on theirs…for you.

You’re feeling out of alignment with your current website. It doesn’t feel like you at all. You feel uncomfortable sharing the link with others. You’re not sure if everything on the site actually works.

You value consistency and clean design and realize that you, yourself, prefer to work with people who have a polished business look, feel and organization – it makes them more trustworthy.

You don’t need to check off everything on the list above to be ready for a website upgrade. Only one of those items above may be the trigger for you to realize you need a website upgrade.

When we desire to create something more for ourselves, and we’re nudged in the direction that will allow that better reality to manifest, the only thing that keeps us back in our old reality is fear.

Upgrading your website, branding and copywriting takes courage. You’ll be more visible, you’ll step into full commitment, and you’ll make a significant investment in time and money. All of these things takes courage.

So if you want a new website because you fit the descriptions above, my question to you is…

Are you ready?



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