I’m experimenting with a 30 day personal challenge to blog every single day for 30 days. I’ve written in the past about how I throw away blogs like old journals. As I change and launch new websites, I like to get rid of old blogs that no longer resonate. When I dropped my Websites With Words brand I decided not to move the blog archive over. When we’re talking smart business strategy and growth, I know this is not the best idea. I don’t care though.

To kickstart my blog on this current website I decided to set myself a 30 day, 30 articles challenge.

Running 30 day personal challenges is not my original idea. I’m an avid fan of Steve Pavlina’s blog and he’s been talking about 30 day trials as a personal development tool for over a decade. He suggests doing them when you want to take on a new habit, but don’t want to commit until you’ve fully tried it out.

I’ve read his article on 30 day trials at least a dozen times, but for some reason, this year I decided to try out my first 30 day personal challenge with the blogging, as a personal development exercise in staying consistent and showing up for my business every single day.

When I’m done this current challenge, I’ll challenge myself to something else in my business, but he suggests only doing one at a time until you get really good at them, and then you can try a Supertrial, which is when you do multiple 30 day trials at the same time.

How has it been showing up and blogging every single day?

The truth is, I haven’t shown up every single day, even though I could have. I’m on day 24 right now and I’ve missed 3 days of blogging in total even though I could have totally pulled it off. Since this is a personal development exercise I actually like to see that I have trouble completing this goal, because then in my next 30 day trial I can use my mistakes to do it differently and more effectively.

I’ve learned that showing up for my business in the form of blogging really engages me more fully into my own creativity. I was so stuck in thinking that the only way for me to be creative in my biz was by designing other people’s websites. That’s why I loved getting clients. Every client was my only opportunity to shine my creativity light. The blogging provides me with an additional creative outlet.

I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s important to ignore the noise and do things for me and my growth, rather than for a specific end result. I’m doing this blogging challenge to kickstart my new blog, to find my voice in the web design industry, to express my creativity, and to show up for my business every single day. These are all tangible and personal. A lot of people may look at my challenge and think, “Oh, you’re wasting your time. Blogging is dead” or, “It’s more effective to blog once a week and then make sure that blog post leads directly to your services or your new opt-in.”

Those opinions, which can be totally valid, have thrown me into paralysis in the past. When I want to do my own thing in business, but then I’m slammed with a ton of advice that restricts my flow, I usually end up doing nothing. By personally challenging myself and doing it for my own growth, I get to ignore the noise of other people’s opinions and try something new.

I’ll be doing these 30 day personal challenges for a lot of other things in business as well. Next month I’ll be trying out 30 videos in 30 days…that will really stretch me out of my comfort zone, but they’ll be so much value in getting comfortable on camera and learning the tech side of that.

Other ideas are:

  • Meet 5 new people every single day for 30 days
  • Make 30 new opt-in freebies in 30 days (this one would be such a cool challenge)
  • Take 5 marketing actions per day for 30 days
  • Participate in a Facebook group every day for 30 days

I like to differentiate 30 challenge with 30 day personal challenge. Currently, in the online marketing sphere there are a ton of challenges happening. You’ll sign up for a list and you’ll get an email every day for anywhere from 3-90 days challenging you to do something. Those are great, but a personal challenge is about your own growth in areas of your business where you want to experiment in. I like personal challenges because no one is holding you accountable. This is about you and challenging yourself. A lot of lessons and growth come out of that.

Try it yourself. Try one every 30 days. If you don’t get it perfectly, learn and try to go 30 for 30 in your next challenge!



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