Maintenance Support

A Website Is An Ongoing Dymanic Growing Business Tool

It shouldn’t remain static, just sitting there waiting for business. Instead, it’s important to use it for everything it can provide you. This requires additional support. Whenever you want to change things or add things, I can help you through a maintenance support package.

Standard Maintenance and Support Package

€1700 EURO | $2050 USD for 12 months or

€175 EURO | $210 USD per month

Up to 1.5 hours support/month

Monthly maintenance:

Plugin updates
Theme updates
WordPress updates
Complete backup
Front end testing of every page


Website Content Changes:

Switching out any image
Replacing any text
Deleting sections on website
Editing menu items
Button and link editing


On-CALL Tech Support:

Any issue spotted on website
Any issue regarding a plugin
Email website integration issues
Website hosting and domain support

Advanced Maintenance and Support Package

€2700 EURO | $3250 USD for 12 months or

€300 EURO | $375 USD per month

Up to 3 hours support/month

Standard package +


External software support:

Email marketing provider including help with setting up opt-in campaigns
External cart support including adding new products
External booking calendar setup and support


New Website Functionality:

Installing and configuring new plugins
Adding a new opt-in
Adding content to sidebar
Blog user-ability additions


Website Layout shifts :

Deleting and adding new sections to already existing page designs
Shifting the layout around on an existing page
Small colour tweaks to current design

Pro Maintenance and Support Package

€7500 EURO | $9000 USD for 12 months or

€750 EURO | $900 USD per month

Up to 10 hours support/month

Standard + Advanced package Tasks +


New web pages:

Custom designed stand alone sales pages
Additional pages based on current page templates or customized designs


E-course setup:

Choosing the right platform to host (including self-hosted)
Setup of entire course
Design of course materials
Integration with payment and mailing list


PDF Design

Built-in shopping cart add-on

Membership Website integration


Do the hours roll over?

The hours do not roll over. The expire monthly.

What if my task requires more hours than my package?

We’ll schedule the task in for the next month, or I can complete the task at my hourly rate.


Why do you only support some tasks in the advanced and pro package but not in the standard?

I only support certain tasks at a great commitment level of support because those tasks take longer to complete. The tasks listed would rarely be able to be completed within the standard package.

I need a task completed that's above my package, can you help?

Yes, I can support you at my hourly rate.

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