If done well, displaying a coming soon page on your main URL while you prepare the main website, can help you get your business off the ground immediately.

When your website isn’t ready you can still give interested people your link, and if you’ve mastered the design of that special page, they’ll have an action to take that brings them into your inner circle of either being a client/customer, an audience member on your list, or both.

How do you master the art of the coming soon page? How do you capture the interest of your visitors, even though the real website with all of the information about you isn’t going to be ready for months? Here’s how…

Define your main goal at this moment in your business.

  • Do you immediately want to start bringing in income and booking clients or selling your product to customers?
  • Do you want to build your list and grow an audience?
  • Do you want to be positioned as an expert and attract media attention?

A yes to any one of those questions defines your goal.

Now here’s the thing about a coming soon page… I recommend, since it’s not a full website, that you choose only one goal for now.

I currently have a coming soon page up for my upcoming nutrition website. I already have one nutrition service that people can book, and also an online meal planning course is available for purchase. At this point, my priority is booking clients or having customers sign up for the course. I decided to focus on content and list building later, when the website is up, because that’s not my immediate goal.

Once you’ve defined your goal, write your short text + call to action.

The goal of the coming soon page is for visitors to take action. Not just visit and leave, but to click on your button and do what you desire them to do.

The text only needs to be straightforward and communicate what you do and your call to action is simply that – a cue for them to do something.

My nutrition page is extremely straightforward and that matches my current goal. I wrote “Holistic Health & Energy Healing” and my call to actions are “Click here to book a full body nutrition assessment” and “Click here to learn how to meal plan for lasting health”

I’ve given visitors a clear indication of the ways I can help them today.

If you have a freebie, you can say who you are and something about signing up to receive your freebie.

Your business name or your name should be displayed somewhere.

If you already have a logo, then great, this will be enough. If not, then identify yourself or your business somehow at the top of the page, so visitors immediately know who they’re visiting online.

A picture of yourself or something that represents your business is also a must to form a visual connection.

Add a section of social proof.

This can be in the form of a very short 1 paragraph bio, testimonials, media logos, or any other form of social proof you may have.

A website will display all forms of social proof, whereas a coming soon page will display the social proof that directly corresponds to your main goal.

In my case, testimonials are perfect to gain clients’ trust.

You must have a website footer.

You must have your privacy policy and your terms & conditions pages linked at the bottom of your page. This will protect your butt for anyone who does take one of your actions.

It should spell out all your program and service terms and how all of the data is collected and used in your business.

If you’re collecting any data from visitors (which you will be), then these pages are mandatory.

Also to display in your footer:

  • A link to contact you. You can set this up to open a mail window when clicked (using this mailto: code snippet here). Always a good idea to be available if someone wants to get in touch.
  • Your copyright note so no one stills your stuff.

Once you have this coming soon page up, you can breathe easy as the rest of your site gets created. You’ll be sure that the coming soon page is doing what it needs to do and that you’re in business even if your official business home isn’t fully built yet.

Another solution at the beginning of your business endeavours online would be to get a one-page website. A one page website is a kind of starter website that displays more information than the coming soon page and can be left up a bit longer before the main website is ready. This of this as a bike with training wheels. I’ll have a follow-up article about the one-page website shortly.

If you’d like an efficient coming soon page of your own as your website is being prepared, contact me and let’s chat!



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