Online Course & Membership Website Creation

For Professionally Selling, and Delivering Your Digital Course or Membership

Increase the engagement of your online course by creating a membership website that becomes an online space where your customers and students love hanging out!

Greater engagement in your materials = Greater results for your customers!

You can achieve that with the 4 ideal membership website qualities:

1: Streamlined flow

2: User-friendly layouts

3: Organisation of the course/membership structure and materials

4: High vibration design

I create online course and membership websites for business owners who have passion for changing the lives of their ideal clients and customers through teaching.

I create online spaces that are easy to navigate, that streamline your course materials and make it obvious for your members to go through the materials and take action on what they’re learning.

My expertise is in website user-ability – that’s why and how people “click” online. I implement tried-and-tested best layout practices with clean, high vibration design.

When a member enters your online portal

they’ll feel at home – they’ll stay a bit – they’ll learn.

The Process:

Planning and Organisation

We take a bird’s eye view on all of your content and ideas and we decide how it will be delivered in the most efficient way to your students. I create a website plan that makes the most sense.

Branding & Design

We determine the aesthetic of the website and I design every page that’s included. I also design any PDF handouts that go along with the course.


The website is built and integrated with membership software and your mailing list.

Training & Tech Support

You receive a custom video training library recorded specifically on your website and how to use it. You also have the option of subscribing to ongoing website tech support for as long as you need.

This is a service for you if…

You have an online course or membership website idea

Go pro! Start your first launch with a polished and professional course and membership space. With such a solid foundation you’ll be able to launch and re-launch for years to come. Your online space becomes one of your business’s greatest assets.

…Or you already have an online course or membership website, but want to upgrade it

This is the perfect way to increase engagement and increase the total overall value your students receive from your course or membership. A fresh design and website will bring new life into a product you’ve already been selling.

What you can expect in terms of investment:

The projects can take between 4-16 weeks to complete depending on how ready to go you are with your course materials, and how much content + how many pages are included in the website. I strive to work within your timeline – whether that be quick or if you would prefer to take your time.

The level of investment varies greatly from one course membership website to the next, but typically simple membership website projects begin at $6000 USD and go upwards to $20,000 USD depending on the amount of material in the course and the scope of what’s included in the custom quote.

How To Get Started:

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