Keisha Luke | Culinary Nutritionist

A multi-passionate gut health educator and culinary nutritionist, with a Toronto-based meal delivery service. 

Turning Stone Counselling

A psychology practise employing six counsellors and delivering over ten different types of counselling services. 

Body Wisdom Nutrition

Published author, GAPS Diet expert, and a blog of over 200 popular posts on nutrition and a non-toxic lifestyle. 

Michelle DeWitt | Intuitive Advisor

An intuitive advisor getting her professional website ready for her to step into her true calling in a big way. 

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“I now have a website that I’m proud to share with media and influencers”

“My website and branding didn’t reflect me and my current work, and didn’t present the level of professionalism that I’m working at.

“Laura and her team helped me determine new branding that totally felt like me, copy that sounded like the best of me, and totally upgraded the professionalism of my website. The best parts were working with someone who also trusts their intuition to create something amazing! I also loved how Laura’s a true tech pro!

I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers, I feel totally represented in my branding, and I can breathe easy with a year of ongoing support as I’m figuring out the new platform.”

Jennifer Scribner

Body Wisdom Nutrition