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“I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers.”

“My website and branding didn’t reflect me and my current work, and didn’t present the level of professionalism that I’m working at.

Laura and her team helped me determine new branding that totally felt like me, copy that sounded like the best of me, and totally upgraded the professionalism of my website. The best parts were working with someone who also trusts their intuition to create something amazing! I also loved how Laura’s a true tech pro!

I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers, I feel totally represented in my branding, and I can breathe easy with a year of ongoing support as I’m figuring out the new platform.”

Jennifer Scribner, Author & Non-Toxic Lifestyle Coach

“It was divine intervention. Plain and Simple.”

“Laura knew that this site had to be who I was and not just what I do. She genuinely wanted me to be fulfilled by way of getting my authentic self on the World Wide Web. In fact, some days I think she carried the torch for me. I doubted myself on many things and Laura encouraged me at every turn to take my thoughts to the next level. She was full of ideas and suggestions that wowed me.

I will always share my success with her.”

Michelle Dewitt, intuitive advisor

“I saw an increase in profits from the very first day of launching!”

“The initial process in the development of the website was definitely a fun surprise. Laura worked with me to make sure that my vision and goals for the website were always at the forefront. Her expertise and enthusiasm made the whole website creation process very seamless.

I have worked with a few web designer’s, but nobody like Laura. She is thorough and provided me with step by step processes along the way. Her ambition and urgency on the completion of my site, made the process much more enjoyable.

She added so much value to my company including efficiency, ease, and an increase in profits from the very first day of launching it.

Thank you Laura for helping me every step of the way and for creating, not just developing a beautiful and automated website, but for changing the face of my whole business.”

Keisha Luke, Culinary Nutritionist

“Every time I look at my website, I am so pleased and delighted!”

“Laura brings an amazing innate sense of style and creative design to her website work, and I knew from the start we were on the same page aesthetically.

Laura was helpful, easy to work with, and went above and beyond.

Not only did she design my site, she created several video tutorials designed to empower me to do the basics on my site so I wasn’t always dependent upon her!

I highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking creative, beautiful and sleek website design.”

Julia Petrisor, Book Editor at Beloved Words

Past Projects

  • The Power Of 1
  • Led By HER
  • Bryan Sheremeta
  • Wise Woman Nutrition
  • Maxime & Laura's Wedding
  • Jenn Hand's Food Freedom
  • Back To School Healthy Giveaway
  • Elixir Of Energy
  • Laura Licata Virtual Assistance

“She sees your potential and your potential transformation.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura a couple of times now, and even though our time together has been short and sweet, she has been SPOT ON with me from the get go.

She’s professionally amazing and she really knows her stuff. It’s not about that, but the person that she IS is what makes me so fond of her!

She’s dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, loving, insightful, professional and amazing.

Like I said, she really knows what she’s doing but beyond that she SEES YOU. She doesn’t just see your website, she sees your potential and your potential transformation.

So when you work with her, your website will be an energetic representation of who you ARE and even better, who you will BE when you let go of your own limiting beliefs and let yourself shine as the person you truly are.”

Carmen Smallegange, Consciousness Coach

“If you are serious with your business, she’s the pro to go to, to cover your back.”

“Before Laura’s help I was struggling for days to put together a site that looked mediocre.

Laura turned it around like a boss and she did it in style. My site suddenly became a joy to look at an hang out on.

It impressed a lot of people and they started asking me how I pulled it off.

If you are serious with your business, she’s the pro to go to, to cover your back.”

Klemen Thomas, Coach

“Who would have thought website building can actually be this much fun.”

“With a vision to your business success through the web, her attention to detail and her desire to create a website that represents you and your business is beyond phenomenal.

She takes you step by step to ensure everything is laid out for you to see in a dynamic way. The colors, textures, print, layout, everything is there right before your eyes.

Her excitement to see you succeed is what’s the most beautiful thing.

Her turn around to the final product was fast efficient and she made sure everything worked before we went live. Her tech support is key to your business running smoothly and her editing package is crucial for an extra pair of eyes to see what you have missed out and to use words that are highly searched.

Making sure your website is a success I highly recommend Laura for anything website related. I can’t wait for our next project together. Who would have thought website building can actually be this much fun. Thank you Laura for all that you do, in making my heart centered business flow freely through the web.”

Zak Lioutas, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

“Laura created an amazing website for my business!”

“Laura uses your inspirations to design the intricately tailored website based on your needs.

From logo design to coding, I trust in Laura’s skills for aid in my online outreach.”

Bryan Es, Energy Healer & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

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