Keisha Luke

Whole Foods Meal Delivery and Nutrition Services

A multi-passionate gut health educator and culinary nutritionist, with a Toronto-based meal delivery service. With physical produces, a meal delivery services, virtual and in person workshops, 1:1 programs, and a catering branch, making a multi-passionate website streamlined was the fun of it!

Our Aim

Our aim was to automate her food ordering and deliver service, and clearly display her many service offerings.

Get Started

“The initial process in the development of the website was definitely a fun surprise.”

 “Laura worked with me to make sure that my vision and goals for the website were always at the forefront. Her expertise and enthusiasm made the whole website creation process very seamless.

I have worked with a few web designer’s, but nobody like Laura. She is thorough and provided me with step by step processes along the way. Her ambition and urgency on the completion of my site, made the process much more enjoyable.

She added so much value to my company including efficiency, ease, and an increase in profits from the very first day of launching it.

Thank you Laura for helping me every step of the way and for creating, not just developing a beautiful and automated website, but for changing the face of my whole business.”

Keisha Luke

Culinary Nutritionist