Turning Stone Counselling

Psychology Practice in Pasadena, Maryland

A psychology practise employing six counsellors and delivering over ten different types of counselling services. We created individual pages for each type of service, and a profile for each counsellor in the practice. The website serves as a directory for the local psychology community.

Our Aim

Our focus was on seamless flow and logical organization, mixed with feminine design elements.

Get Started

“The experience was parallel to the work I do with my counselling clients.”


“My psychology practise had been growing rapidly and I was ready to step up my marketing game. My business’ website has always been key to my business and getting referrals, and since it had been five years since my original website was launched, I knew it was time for something new and up to date.

Working with Laura was natural. She guided me along, spending time developing the website in an organized way. The experience was parallel to the work I do with my counselling clients.

Now I have a website that really feels like it represents who we are in Turning Stone Counseling. It’s clean, down to earth and feminine. It has so much flow and it’s up to date.”