The Six Step Process

A relaxed process and a safe container for website creation

I’ll be guiding you through a step-by-step process, being sure to complete each step fully satisfied before moving on, which guarantees you’ll arrive at your finished website completely happy with the result. Each step provides generous support and communication. 

1.   Clarity

We meet to discuss the ins and outs of your business. We get clear. Who are you serving? How are you serving them? I help you identify and bring to surface the deepest thoughts and feelings regarding your business.
I take what you’ve given me and I plan out the most logical and user-friendly website map and present it to you in PDF form.

2.   Look and Feel

We go through a process I call Essence Branding. We channel your true self into tangible visual assets like a signature based logo, colour scheme, typography and an entire image gallery of inspiring images that resonate with you and your business.

3.   Gathering

You’re provided with templates to fill out all of your website texts.
You may want to have a professional photoshoot done to showcase specific images of you.
You gather any other assets that I may need to use for designing your incredible and unique website that feels like you.

4.   Page Design

I design all of your website pages and provide you with the mock-up versions.
You go through two rounds of revisions on the designs so that we can them just right.

5.   The Build

The designs get developed on the web via WordPress.
Everything you need to have the website functioning optimally is integrated seamlessly – like external booking links, “buy now” buttons, and more.

6.   Support

Every package includes post-launch website support, where you have me on call to make changes, or help you out with your website.
In addition to the one-to-one support, I record a custom videos to walk you through how to use and make changes to your website easily.

Get Started

“The initial process in the development of the website was definitely a fun surprise.”

 “Laura worked with me to make sure that my vision and goals for the website were always at the forefront. Her expertise and enthusiasm made the whole website creation process very seamless.

I have worked with a few web designer’s, but nobody like Laura. She is thorough and provided me with step by step processes along the way. Her ambition and urgency on the completion of my site, made the process much more enjoyable.

She added so much value to my company including efficiency, ease, and an increase in profits from the very first day of launching it.

Thank you Laura for helping me every step of the way and for creating, not just developing a beautiful and automated website, but for changing the face of my whole business.”

Keisha Luke

Culinary Nutritionist