We’re conditioned to want to win in life. Win success, win love, win money, win good fortune, win in our family life.

We expect instant results. We want to get rich quick. We want to find our life mate and get married to them yesterday.

And when we do set the intention and own our desires, we usually take action towards winning the outcome we want.

But then things take longer than expected. We hit unexpected bumps in the road. We face obstacles that we feel we’re too weak to surmount.

And we give up.

We use excuses like “It wasn’t meant to be”.

Then we’re back at zero, and we start again on the next desire.

Life isn’t about winning. It’s about never giving up.

Don’t give up.

Just don’t give up.

Please, when things get hard, don’t give up.

When you fail, don’t give up.

If it doesn’t happen tomorrow or yesterday, don’t give up.

Keep taking the actions towards fulfilling your dreams. Keep taking the actions when their is absolutely no proof that you’ll achieve your results, because it’s not about the results you think you want, it’s about the spirit of never giving up and the power of believing in yourself.

Keep going. Keep believing. Accept the twists and turns in the road, but never give up.

Oh my, if I were to tell you all the ups and downs and unexpected twists in my path it would takes hours. All I knew when I was 21 years old was that I wanted to generate a full time income through an online business.

Now 8 years later I have tried and failed and tried and failed again (and again). I’ve had major wins, and major losses, but my determination remains the same. I have even achieved the original determination but the dream grew as I grew. The vision became bigger and I learned more about myself (and I’m sure it will continue to expand).

In all those ups and downs, I keep going. I kept believing in my determination and in myself.

For me it hasn’t been about about winning in the moment, it has been about winning in the end. And I am no where near the end yet, so the only thing I need to remember no matter what enters my path is to never give up.

This is relentless persistence.

Believing in your highest good is relentless persistence.

Giving up looks like settling for less.

Giving up is when your true hearts desire is to be with your soul mate, but you keep ending up in long term relationships with jerks. Your 4th long term relationship just ended and you feel like the biggest failure ever, so you decide to stuff down your desire and live a single life despite truly wanting that life partner.

Relentless persistence is when you end that 4th relationship and still believe in yourself – you know you’ll win in the end and it’s no where near the end. You pick yourself up again (after some mourning) and continue taking actions towards the fulfillment of your deepest dream.

I’m talking about relationships in this example, but I’m really talking about your success.

Be relentlessly persistent even if you’re on your tenth massive failure. Be relentlessly persistent even if there’s zero proof that you’ll ever achieve your goal.

Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams!

Never ever ever give up.



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