Website & Business Resources

Running an online business requires the right tools. From where to host your website, to how to book appointments, here are a list of my favourite business and website resources.

Website Resources

Web Hosting

I tested them for a year starting in March 2017 and due to their fantastic support team, I renewed my contract and I recommend them to everyone. Haven’t had even one blip!

Website Backups

Although most web hosts create backups, it’s best to have one on hand at all times. BackupBuddy makes this one click away. Even the most technically challenged person can do it easily. I install this on every single one of my clients websites, and on my own.

Membership Websites

I’m currently running my meal planning course with AccessAlly and have installed it on another client’s essential oils membership website as well. It’s easy to use, you can have multiple courses on one install, and I love the company.

Business Resources

 Manage Your Projects

Manage client projects alone or with a team, send invoices, send contracts and emails, organize prospects, and basically structure every aspect of a client based business in one place.

Booking & Scheduling

The best part about Acuity is that you can integrate it with a payment processor so customers can pay and book at the same time. The booking calendar also integrates on your website. Plus, you can automatically send out forms such as assessment forms once the client books.

List Building Resources

Mailing List Provider

I recently made the move to ConvertKit and I am so pleased with how easy it it to use. I can manage multiple opt-in sequences automatically at once, in an organized way. I can tag users with multiple tags, and it integrates with a lot of other software. Growing my list is so simple with ConvertKit.

Quiz Plugin Software

Host quizzes on your website in order to grow your list. It’s something that has been popping up a lot over the past year, and I am 100% up for this trend. Quizzes are fun! That’s why they work.

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