Lately I’ve been practising visualizing my goals as if I’ve already achieved them 1-2 years in advance. It’s a really nice experience to sit in mediation and feel all the emotions and picture everything that comes along with achieving my goals.

The reason to do this is to shift my overall vibration in everyday life and tip to scale from feeling negative emotions to positive emotions more than 50% of the time. Daily worries and concerns easily flip me back to negative emotions, so visualizing trains you to be able to step into the emotional state you want to, when you want to.

When I picture myself as 1-2 years past having already achieved my goals the emotions I primarily feel are relaxed and open.

I was told to do this exercise and told that the main benefit of this exercise is that once you feel the emotions of having achieved your goal, the goal then becomes possible to achieve. I didn’t get how this would work but I like to experiment with things so I’m just over one week in to this and now I get how this works.

When I’m not focusing on my to-do list, or worrying about what needs to get done or how I’m going to market myself and generally just trying hard to strategize, using my brain all the time…when I’m not operating from that space, but instead focusing and training my brain and body to stay relaxed and open, as I would feel after already having achieved my goal, then the benefits of being relaxed and open begin to manifest.

Think about what it feels like to be relaxed and open. In that state of mind ideas begin to flow in. Inspirational action steps appear. People are more attracted to you and want to start conversations. You’re more authentic in your communication.

It’s not esoteric. It’s very practical. It’s about the energy/behavioural/body language/tone of voice stance you take in life.

The new action steps begin to appear that I couldn’t see before because I was too focused on the opposite of what I wanted to achieve.

Now here’s the catch: You have to take action on these opportunities.

I notice myself feeling tired (lazy) or distracted when a new action step comes up. Or the common sabotaging pattern rears its head and I want to say, “Oh that’s a great idea for me to add to my ‘I’ll do this later’ pile”.

The reason the sabotaging behaviours come is because of fear. Moving quickly towards achieving your goal may trigger some sub-conscious fears. For me a big fear is “If I do too much I’m going to burn myself out”. It’s not necessarily true, but until I acknowledge that the fear is present and then talk about what I want instead (I want my work to energize me), the sabotaging behaviours wins.

It takes courage and energy to act on new ideas and opportunities. Acting on them, I realize, really depends on how much you want to step into your vision or if you’d prefer to remain in your comfort zone and stay where you are.

One of my recent ideas that I’ve said I wanted to do for a couple of months is to put together a meal planning course. The idea of putting the course together sounds invigorating. Meal planning is really one of my zones of genius, and with my holistic nutrition background I can really help people not only gain time and money through planning their meals, but also experience a greater level of health.

Whenever this idea would pop up in the past, I would always think, “Maybe one day”, but since in the past week I’ve been visualizing myself as already having achieved my goals the idea popped up again and then a friend contacted me asking if I will offer her and her husband meal planning. Synchronisity. I decided that was a sign enough to get me started and in the past 48 hours I’ve written half of the course (and it’s not a short course!)

Where are you holding back? Examine it. Are there any unconscious fears that you’re not acknowledging?

I highly recommend this daily visualizing as if you’ve already achieved your goals. Once you start doing that and opportunities begin popping up, take those opportunities up and reach your goal in the fast line. It takes courage, but not taking the opportunities means missed chances and delays.

I’d really like to update you on this topic as I practise this daily visualization and riding the wave of taking action.



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