Different services for different stages of business

Your needs are unique depending on which stage of business you’re in. I’d like to serve you where you’re at, which is why I’ve created multiple service options for you to choose from. If a specific service resonates and you’d like to discuss futher than feel free to schedule a call.

Bringing wholism into
web design

You’re more than just the service or business you offer. You are a whole person with future visions, past stories, and present emotions.
I see all of you, and channel that whole self into a seemingly logical-brain only project. It’s so much more than only practicals.

Communication and Relationship

I believe the most important part of working with any service provider is that your needs are met.
I offer an intimate and relaxed process where you can be free to be yourself, say what’s on your mind, and get the website you actually want.

Intuition and Flow

I believe in creating from an intuitive place, using spirituality to guide the way, tapping into a deeper source and trusting the guidance and visions that are presented.

Before The Website

A prelimary service that you can engage with as a stand-alone experience, or included in my other website creation services.

Essence branding

What’s Included:

Target Market and Service Offering Clarity Meeting
Branding Strategy Call and Exercise
Signature Style Logo
Logo Variation
Image Inspiration Board
Colour Scheme
Two Rounds of Revisions

duration: 2-4 weeks

Website Creation

Full service website creation delivered in a sequential six-step process guaranteed to wow you.

Custom Design & Development

What’s Included:

Essence Branding Process
Website Planning & Strategy Meeting
Up to 5 Custom Designed Pages
General Page Template Design
Text Templates To Fill Out For Each Page
Development On WordPress
Opt-in Design and Integration
Email Autoresponder Setup and Integration
Booking Calendar and/or External Payment Setup & Integration
Custom Contact Form
Mobile Responsive Design
Video Training Library
12 Weeks of Post-Launch Support

duration: 12-16 weeks

Templated Website

What’s Included:

Essence Branding Process
Website Planning & Strategy Meeting
Text Templates For Each Page
Template Installation on WordPress
Setup of Up to 5 pages
Blog Integration (optional)
Opt-in integration
Booking Calendar and/or External Payment Integration
Mobile-Responsive Design
Video Training Library
4 Weeks of Post-Launch Support

duration: 8-12 weeks

View Templates: Light Theme | Bold Theme | Presence Theme


Additions to the base packages in order to really meet your needs and deliver you the experience and end result you truly desire. 

General Add-Ons

Additional Custom Pages
Custom Blog Design + Integration
Built-In E-Commerce/Shopping Cart
Membership Website Component
Monthly Website Maintenance and Tech Support
Social Media Graphic Templates and Cover Image
PDF Design

Template Specific Add-Ons:

Additional Templated Pages
Opt-in Design
Email Autoresponder Setup and Integration
External Booking Calendar and/or Payment Cart Setup

Process and Getting Started

What are the practical steps to getting started?

If you decide you would like to get started, you’ll receive two emails: one email with a client agreement for you to review and sign digitally, and another email with a link to make the payment in either euro or USD. Once the payment is made and contract signed, we set the date for your first meeting. 

When can we begin?

Once the contract is signed and the payment made you will receive a link to my booking calendar. Time slots usually begin two weeks into the future, but may be up to four weeks.

What is the revisions process? What if I need more?

For Essence Branding I send you one concept. If you like it, we refine it. If you prefer to see a second concept, it’s still included within the package.

For the rest of the web page designs, I first send you the homepage mockup. If you like it, we refine it. If you prefer to see a second concept, I’ll create one, then we’ll refine the one you prefer. Once the homepage is finalized, we move onto the other pages which will follow the same established flow, therefore we only need one round of revisions for the remaining pages.

If you still need more changes after these revisions, we can add onto your package at my hourly rate, but I’ve never had a client need more revisions than were included. I’m an expert at honing it in and guiding the process to get your needs met within the package.

Payment and Bonuses

What payment methods do you take?

For EU residents I accept a direct bank transfer. For anyone residing internationally I accept all major credit cards, or a transfer via TransferWise.

Do you charge sales tax?

If you are an EU resident, you must provide a valid VAT number in order to avoid being charged a 21% VAT rate. If you are a resident of The Netherlands you will be charged an additional 21% VAT which you can reclaim in your quarterly VAT tax filing. International residents are not required to pay any additional sales tax.

What is your pay in full bonus?

As full payment is significantly less administrative work for me, I offer an incentive bonus. For a templated website the bonus is an extension of tech support from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. For the custom website, the bonus is an extension of tech support from 12 weeks to 5 months. This extension has proven invaluable for my clients time and time again.

Customizing Your Package and Add-Ons

I already have a logo, can I fit this into a package?

Many of my clients come to me with a logo already created for the business. Since the package only includes a text based signature logo, if a  client has previously invested in a logo, they like to bring their own  to the table.

If the logo is older, I will often edit it to fit the new look. 

The six-step process, and the Essence Branding remains the same regardless of whether or not you already have a logo, and there are no discounts provided.

How do I know which add-ons I’ll need?

Sometimes the add-ons you require are evident up front before we begin working together. For example, if you already have a blog, or if you’re sure you want an e-commerce setup, or even copywriting included.

The investment for these add-ons will be tagged onto the base package.

Other times, the add-ons you require only become evident after our initial planning phase (for example, we may discover that the number of pages you should include may exceed 5), after the contract and initial payment have already been made. In this case, you will receive an “Add-On” proposal, for any additions I think may benefit you going forward in your package. If you decide to go ahead with them, an additional invoice will be issued.

Technical Information

Do I need web hosting and a domain name?

You will need to subscribe to both web hosting and a domain.

A domain name is also called a URL, and costs anywhere from $10-$30/year. 

Web Hosting is also required. Think of it as renting space online. Websites are essentially files and folders, and they need to be stored online. Web Hosting costs anywhere from $100-$300/year. 

I have a free 45-minute workshop that walks you through web hosting and domain names. 

If you need help setting up either one, this is complimentary in the website creation services.

The alternative to a web host and domain name is to subscribe to a platform like SquareSpace or Wix which charge a hefty monthly fee. The problem with these platforms is that you don’t own your files and folders, you can’t transfer your website off of SquareSpace and onto another platform easily.

On your web host I install a software called WordPress, which is the software that the majority of websites you see online use. If you ever want to move your website to a different web host, or create backups, this is easy. You have more control over your own website, and you really own it rather than just liscense it.



Are the websites you create optimized for search engines (SEO)?

As a compliment to this service, I conduct a basic keyword search for terms that could rank on major search engines in relation to your business. I then give you basic instructions for incorporating the keywords into your website texts as you write them. In addition, a popular SEO plugin is installed and configured for the website, your sitemap submitted, and your website indexed. In layman’s terms, the basic SEO configuration is implemented.

Which platforms do you use?

You subscribe to your own web hosting (I can suggest providers) and I install WordPress. 

Do you integrate plugins?

We can figure out to build in any sort of functionality into your website, although it usually requires either the purchase of a plugin that has that function, or having someone code a custom plugin for you. Both of these are viable options. As part of your package, I do research to find the correct plugin/software for your desired function. I install, configure and customize the plugin seamlessly onto your website. The cost of the plugin purchase or subscription itself if not included, nor is the cost of developing a custom plugin. For a custom plugin, I will take charge of sourcing the correct developer and providing you with an accurate quote.

Will I be able to create new pages and content in the future?

The website is designed and developed in a user-friendly way. It will be very easy to add new pages or make changes yourself. I provide you with a training library which walks you through how you can do so.

Additional Costs

Do you charge hidden fees?

I don’t charge any hidden fees. I always aim to complete projects within the package. I’ve actually never had a project that required me to go over the all-inclusive service and tag on extra hours. I will suggest add-ons to your website when appropriate and it will be entirely your choice as to whether or not you want these add-ons. If you are requiring more than the service included, I will always inform you before we go over and invite you to explore ways to stay within the package first. Communication is the key here. I’m an expert at guiding this process.

Do I need professional photos?

I always recommend booking a professional photoshoot with a local photographer in your area once the Essence Branding process has been completed. Photography does not have to be a large investment and can be done for a few hundred dollars. I recommend having “branding” photos done of common objects, your office, or lifestyle shots to use on the website. If a photoshoot is not an option, I’ll need at least one professional headshot, and we will use stock photos. I can source free stock photos, but can also source and recommend premium stock photos – although they must be purchased at your own expense.

Are there any other costs associated with creating a website?


You will need to purchase a subscription to web hosting (I can recommend a provider). You will also need to register a URL (domain name).

Then additional costs vary from client to client depending on the tools and system we need to implement.

For example, a booking calendar software will have a monthly fee, an external cart or payment tool may have a monthly fee, and you may want “cool” features on your website that require you to purchase the additional software (for example, an automated quiz).

These costs are usually recurring monthly or yearly and are part of the costs of running an online business.

Get Started

“It was divine intervention. Plain and Simple.”


“Laura knew that this site had to be who I was and not just what I do. She genuinely wanted me to be fulfilled by way of getting my authentic self on the World Wide Web. In fact, some days I think she carried the torch for me.

I doubted myself on many things and Laura encouraged me at every turn to take my thoughts to the next level. She was full of ideas and suggestions that wowed me.

I will always share my success with her.”

Michelle DeWitt

Intuitive Advisor