I use the phrase “greater all encompassing mission” a lot because it perfectly sums up where my clients are in their careers.

Sometimes business owners start their business and get caught into a very specific niche that ends up being too specific. After a few years of writing on the same topic over and over again, they begin to find it limiting, but they don’t want to lose all of their current clients or customers.

Let’s say they started selling online courses about copywriting and they became known as THE copywriting expert in their industry.

Over a few years, they grow a following, but they also grow personally. In their personal growth they realize that they also love creative fiction writing. They have a lot to say about writing fiction novels and even have one of their own published (that isn’t even available for sale on their current website because it doesn’t fit).

Then they discover that they’re also passionate about speaking. They begin speaking all over the world and they now want to talk about speaking in their business.

With the way their business is set up currently, it only allows for them to talk about copywriting. So they’ve started branching out on their Facebook and Instagram, but their website lags behind. Their website also also sends a really incongruent message because when people like their social media posts they inevitably want to learn more, but are kind of confused when they visit a website that doesn’t reflect the greater whole of the person they’re following and learning from.

This is really common for business owners who’ve passed their starting phase and are now in their growth phase.

To move forward, these business owners generally have two options:

Option #1 is to start multiple businesses.

This is a really good idea if you have topics that are undeniably unrelated to each other. I’ve completely accepted that I will never integrate my nutrition consulting with my web design. They don’t meld together. (I actually tried at the beginning but it was so weird and incongruent). In this case wisdom takes precedent over wishes, and I think the smartest strategy for me to be able to show up fully in both is to separate them. (What’s interesting is that I tend to get nutrition, natural health, and energy healing clients. So I guess there is a bit of an overlap.)

Option #2 is to step into their greater all encompassing mission.

This is when you find the common threads among all the aspects of your work and you create a vision that aligns everything seamlessly. Then you transition your very niched customers and clients into your greater mission.

In the example above the business owner with the fiction writing content, her own published novel, her copywriting content and courses, and her new speaking content can marry everything together seamlessly…if she finds the common threads (read on).

Helping people with option 2 is my zone of genius.

There are a couple of challenges that come up with choosing option 2 and it’s in these challenges many people choose to delay the melding and stay out of alignment for far too long.

The first challenge is figuring out what the overarching message is that encompasses all components of your business, and communicates what you do clearly.

This isn’t easy and it’s so grand that I recommend hiring help for it from someone who knows how to master words and communicate.

In order to pull this off, you need to identify the common threads among all of your different customer/client bases, products/services, and topics of interest.

I had one nutrition client who served so many different segments of the market and in doing the preliminary planning work, we discovered that she primarily serves busy people. That was the one common thread among every single one of her services and products.

The second challenge is transitioning people to your new work, while also serving them on those same topics.

This is what can be called as opening people up. This challenge is easier to tackle then the first challenge. This involves creating free content and resources speaking directly to your original audience and sprinkling in your new stuff.

A recent client has a massive following of people interested in the GAPS Diet and to transition them to some of her new essential oil stuff, she created a 3 Essential Oils For Digestion downloadable PDF which is available to download at the bottom of every single one of her digestion or GAPS Diet blog posts. So anyone visiting her blog for those topics, will see the new interesting and appealing gift.

The third and final challenge is ongoing communication to all of these different groups of people at once through your new content.

One solution is list segmentation. When you segment your list you have the ability to send very targeted emails to one portion of it rather than emailing everyone at once.

Another solution is to be yourself. The whole point of you stepping into your greater all encompassing mission is so that you can be yourself and talk about the topics you want to talk about, when you want to, without confusing people or hitting the reverse peddle on your business. Categorize your blog properly, launch the new website with the cohesive messaging that reflects the whole you, and be yourself.

The most important thing is not to stay too long with an unaligned message and website. It can hurt your bottom line, as I write about in this post here.

BTW, this is what I do. I work with business owners who are ready to step into the full picture. The copywriting and planning that’s part of the full website package I offer is where all of this magic happens. You don’t have to delay, delay, delay because you’re not sure what the full vision looks like. Ask for help. That’s what we’re here for 🙂



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