I’m in the process of creating my first personal online course. I’ve created a bunch of courses for other people, but this is the first of my own!

I recorded this video on a Facebook live and I’m now sharing it here on my blog.

I am an avid meal planner and even before I was doing it consistently, I was creating them for nutrition clients. I started meal planning consistently in September and have stuck with it. Since I’ve seen massive changes in the amount of money I spend (way less) every week, the amount of time spent in the kitchen, and a high shift in my energy levels, I’m naturally very very passionate about the topic and want to share it with everyone.


In my passion many people have asked me to teach them.

And voila! There’s the inspiration for creating this course. It’s much easier to create it once than teach every single person individually.


Once I had the idea, the writing the first draft of the course outline was the next step.

When the outline was drafted, I went through lesson by lesson and wrote them all out. Since I love the topic, the information flew out of me. It wasn’t work. I got all 18 lessons written in under 2 weeks.

Then it was time to start created the actual “good copy” of the course.


I started by making all the PDF handouts for the lessons. I took what I had already written out, formatted it and added new information, while editing the info all on Pages on Mac, but I guess you could also use Microsoft Word or any text editor that has design capabilities.


I then bought the Logitech Brio camera and the Blue Yeti microphone to begin recording my videos.

I did it all at once in only 2 days.

I took my final draft of my lessons and then turned them into bullet pointed notes so I could flow in a conversation rather than read the lessons.


I then edited all my videos in iMovie and also made a little 10 second introduction for the videos in iMovie with help from making slides in Keynote on mac.

Next Steps

  • Developing the membership website (I can do this for you if you need help, so feel free to contact me!).
  • Writing the sales page
  • Setting up payment
  • Setting up an affiliate program
  • Marketing



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