Last December I launched this new version of my website, prior to that I was running my business under the name “Websites With Words” which had a very efficient and high converting website but the website was completely out of alignment with my personal growth in 2017.

The previous website took the entire 2017 to get it to the place it was, with a beautiful portfolio, an archive of blog posts, lots of freebie opt-ins available to download, and a resource page with detailed descriptions of all of my recommended products.

In the last week of November I decided to scrap the entire thing and launch a new website under my own name.

Website With Words was an entity outside of myself. It had its own purpose, its own mission, its own voice and it wasn’t solely my own. It was the “Websites With Words” brand tone. It was bold and colourful.

Launching the new website before it was complete

Since I decided to launch this new version of my website very quickly, in only a couple of weeks, I decided to wait on creating the portfolio design (and instead only upload screenshots of my portfolio items as for a sneak preview), not put the blog up right away and instead focus on the 4 most important pages of my website – the homepage, the services page, the about page and the contact page.

My business goal as a web designer is to get people to contact me to inquire more about my services. Those 4 pages are aimed at just that.

It was risky making the decision to omit a very fancy portfolio and blog at the launch time of the new site, but my intuition was pushing me to get those 4 pages up NOW.

It was more important to have 4 pages that were completely in alignment with who I am, what my mission is, and how I serve, then and entire state-of-the-art website with all of the pages that would have to be reinstated on my new website eventually.

Why couldn’t I wait and get the whole portfolio up and blog so the website would be launched completed?

First, I work 1:1 with clients in in-depth all encompassing projects (and I really love that). I was working on a couple of very large projects at the time that took priority over my own website, as they should because without clients I don’t have a business.

The second reason is because it takes time for a website design to come to me. I say I got the new website up in only a couple of weeks but there was at least a month of preliminary decision making regarding this. I had already determined the new colour scheme and I know who I am so making the homepage design happened fairly quickly, but I don’t want to rush design just to get it done and the blog and portfolio were NOT coming through and I didn’t want to put my focus on it because I had other things to do.

The third reason is that, like I already mentioned, Website With Words was no longer in alignment and I felt like that one simple fact was hurting my bottom line. If I couldn’t feel my business anymore, I can guarantee you that people couldn’t feel me either. I had to get something up that was in alignment now instead of wait the extra month or two.

The new website is now really in my personal voice, rather than a “brand voice, and in a design tone that matches the essence of me and who I am.

The portfolio is coming and I’ve sparked the blog by challenging myself to write 30 blog posts in 30 days.

The decision not to migrate the old blog posts

I decided not to migrate the old blog posts onto this new website for the same reason – they were out of alignment. I actually lost a prospective client who had already decided on working with me because of one of my blog posts. She felt alienated by it because that blog post talked about how, if you were reading the blog you most likely are into woo woo things. She wasn’t into woo woo stuff at all. I decided that regardless of my personal interests (like woo woo stuff), my values come before that, and she was right – I think that blog post wasn’t fully in alignment. I was trying to break into the woo market so I really went hard on that topic for a while.

Those posts have no place on my new blog. I realized that in being me, I actually want to talk about value creation, and website stuff. Woo people will be attracted to me naturally because I am woo, but other people will also be attracted to me for other reasons as well, and all are welcome.

Again, going back to my main point, it was more important for me to be in alignment and get the site up then to have every component finished beforehand.

(If you work with me, it’s a different situation. Your entire site will be launched all at once because the process is focussed and targeted because I put 100% into the client projects. If the reason for me not having a freebie right away is because I preferred to work on getting my client’s freebies up, that’s to your advantage as my client!)

The switch to my own name opened me up.

Another reason for relaunching my website under my own name is that Websites With Words was a company that sold a very specific product. It sold it’s 5-Step System under the context of the Signature Website Package. I felt that that was getting restricting.

By shifting from doing business under a company to doing business as me, I would open myself to greater possibilities and opportunities. I’m now Laura Fabre, web designer and I’m available for all projects that web designers are needed for. I’m still focusing on offering my 5-Step System under the context of a 1-page or full website creation package, but now I’m also open if people want to hire me for my personal expertise as well.

The Results

I’m just under 3 months into having this new website and the results are really surprising. In December I took close to 3 weeks off and I returned to work with 6 inquiries in my inbox. It appeared that being authentically my was attracting people.

In January, I had another 7 inquiries and the pace isn’t slowing down.

This is the power of alignment! This is the power of creating something that reflects you. And this is also the power of having a website that’s designed to achieve your goals. My website is designed for interest parties to contact me which is my #1 business goal. The website achieves that goal.

Are you sitting on a website that’s completely out of alignment with the leaps in personal growth you’ve made lately? If so, what stops you from stepping into the real you?

If it’s all the overwhelming steps involved in taking your new vision and making it a reality, if you work with me I basically do all of the steps for you so all you have to do is be your creative self and chill, while I do the work 😉



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