Albert Einstein says, “Everything in life is vibration.”

How I see it is that everything vibrates at different frequencies and the higher frequencies are lighter and more positive feeling.

Abraham Hicks talks about the Emotional Guidance Scale, they list 22 emotions with fear and depression being at the bottom – emitting the lowest frequencies, and also attracting the lowest frequencies. Joy and appreciation are at the very top of the scale, also emitting a high frequency and attracting those frequencies to it.

Have you every noticed that when one thing goes wrong a cascade of things tends to go wrong? Or, on the positive side, you may have a “green light” kind of day.

Buddhism teaches the concept of the 10 worlds – the lowest world being hell, the world of depression and despair and hopelessness, and the highest world being Buddhahood – joy, appreciation and truth. And the environment is a mirror to one’s inner life state. Therefore if you radiate Buddhahood, you mirror the Buddha Nature in life around you.

Therefore, when I speak about high vibration design I’m talking about design that comes from a space of joy and gratitude. More specifically, it’s the intention behind the design that determines how effective it will be because…everything is vibration with the potential of matching others on the same vibrational frequency.

High vibration design is design set with intention – specifically, your intentions.

If you come to me as my client and your sole intention is to grow your business to make money from it, the design will reflect that and people will feel that.

But rarely do I work with people in that state of life. Most people I work with have a deep sense of mission to serve with their work. That is the intention that goes into the design.

As an intuitive, I use my “sixth sense” to channel in your mission and purpose and high vibration into a design that radiates exactly that – in a professional and user-friendly way at the same time.

It’s not only about channelling and intuition though although these are my unique selling propositions (USPs). It’s also about skill. I’ve had to hone my actual design skills through skill building activities courses and mentorships over the years. Once the skill was honest the intuition started playing a huge role.

Now, they combine.

You have a deeper mission, a higher purpose, and a sense of high vibrational frequencies behind your work. I channel that mission and use my skill to translate it into a design on the same frequency.

That high vibration will be felt.

This is real stuff! At least to me it is…and to my clients who have seen it work for them!

Does this resonate with you?

Have you experienced something similar in other areas of your life?

Are you interested in incorporating high vibration design into your mission centred business?


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