I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic back in 2015 when it was originally published. In it she perfectly articulates something about creative ideas that I instinctively feel and live by, but never have had the words or eloquence to explain. In her book, Gilbert talks about how ideas work.

She says that she believes creative ideas/inspiration are a disembodied energetic life form that are separate from us, but that interact with us. She compares ideas as something that resides on our planet, like animals and plants. The idea behind this concept is that an idea will look for a host – someone who is open and ready to manifest it into form. The host can graciously accept the idea or pass it on. If the selected host passes the idea on, it doesn’t go to waste but instead it moves onto a more suitable host.

To illustrate this, she talks about a fiction novel idea she had that was sparked from a story that her husband told her. She started the research for the idea but then put the idea down for some time to move onto another project. A couple of years later, after making no progress on the novel and not continuing it’s creation, she met with a writer friend. Her friend told her that she was working on a new fiction novel idea. She told Gilbert the plot and…it was nearly an identical plot to the novel Gilbert was working on that she didn’t complete! In this story, it’s as if the idea had decided to find a more suitable host!

The book Big Magic talks about all aspects of creative living, but this concept of ideas as energetic life forms stuck with me for good and resonated as true immediately.

I believe that there is a creative flow of energy and we need to tap into it to realize the creativity into form. Many great artists, writers and composers talk about this same energetic creativity that they tap into. Does it truly come from outside of us? I think it’s both within and without, but as an energy healer who is able to tap into a life force energy to conduct healing, I know that energy is all around us (and within us) at all moments and we can tap into it and channel it into our work.

To follow Gilbert’s thought process with ideas as things, I believe that thoughts are also things. I believe that thoughts have matter to them and this can be proven with modern quantum physics research. (To start your research you can read the scientific theories that are presented in the books The Field by Lynn McTaggart or The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.) I also know that feelings hold an energetic charge. This energy is all within us and surrounding us. Ideas, thoughts, feelings, desires… It’s all matter.

Intuition is the art of picking up on these invisible forces and applying the information received from them into your daily life even if you cannot explain why. Intuition is a skill possessed by everyone on earth and it can be honed. By practising intuition you strengthen intuition. Now that I’ve laid this background out for you, let’s apply it to web design.

What is intuitive web design?

I’ve been practising strengthening my intuition for the past decade. I practise using different methods. In energy healing one of the methods I used was to listen for words that pop up in my mind such as “move here” or “go there” and then I’ll take the actions that I hear.

If I was right by listening and I got the result I wanted, it deepened my ability to hear the hits and strengthened my trust to follow those hits (they are very easy to ignore). I would also feel sensations within my own body. For example, if someone came to me with a backache, I would lay my hands on their back and then I would start feeling sensations within my own body that would guide me on how and where to place my hands next.

There is an element of “tapping in” to the intuition that is needed to work with these energies. It requires focus and the ability to use all 5 senses and to follow what the 5 senses are guiding you to do. You listen to sounds, smell smells, see visions, feel sensations, and some people even taste. Following taste is the intuitive way to cook!

When applying intuition to web design, it’s a process of tapping in to 3 energies. First, I tap into the creative energy that is within and without of everything, the same creative “entities” that Gilbert talks about in Big Magic. Second, I tap into the energies of the person who I’m creating the website for (this is also an energetic skill called Telepathy). Lastly, I tap into the energies of the people who will be visiting the website. Then when I’ve tapped into all of them, I focus deeply on my 5 senses are begin to create. I follow a flow. My brain leaves me during design and it becomes about experimentation, trust, and sensuality.

Does it work? That’s the big question.

Yes, it works. And I have an inkling of doubt that it will work with every single project I work on, but I let go of the doubt and just see, exactly like with the energy healing. If i get it wrong, then I get it wrong, but I must go with the flow and try it first. It has never not worked up until this point and that’s what I find astonishing. This method has always worked for me, but yet it never fails to completely delight me when I discover that once again, intuitively designing was spot on for my client.

What’s the benefit of having a website designed intuitively?

There are a few. The main benefit is that the process becomes very easy for you. Major complaints I hear over and over again is that the designer doesn’t get the client. Something is off. The colours are off, the fonts are off, or something else is off. The working relationship can get strained when you don’t get what you want but you don’t know why you don’t want what you’re getting.

This doesn’t happen with intuitive design (at least not yet).

Whenever I’ve designed intuitively for a client I get one giant “Yes!” when I present the design. It feels right. The reason for this is explained in this article. I believe there are energies within and without of us, and by tapping into these energies, including the energies of you and your ideal clients, they come through on the design. There is an extra spark to the design, and energy about it that you’re sure you love and that feels like it’s its on energetic being. Ease, alignment, connection, and attraction.

If you want these 4 things present in your website, let’s talk!



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