Here’s an analogy to every single person I speak to on a call when they want to find out more about my web design and development services:

Your website is like a bicycle. You can get a state of the art bike that’s designed to have you win the race (or climb that mountain, or get around the city safely and quickly), but if you don’t peddle it’s not going anywhere.

People often ask me, what’s the return on investment with a website from you?

I tell them this analogy and it’s not just websites, it’s for everything you invest in. If you don’t put your part in and do your end of the work, you may not experience the same benefits as people who put in the work.

I design websites that are intended to get results. Everyone has a different desired result. Some people want to grow their list, others want to get media appearances, others want to book their 1:1 services. You and I figure out what those goals are and then we create a very strategic website plan, so that every single element of the website is intentional.

Steve Pavlina re-did his website not too long ago and he wrote about the planning that was involved to make it efficient. And his website is SUPER efficient. It’s so easy to use and so obvious to me about what actions I should take next when I’m on his website. He had a strategy behind his design and the strategy works!

I’ve seen other people invest in a new website and I’m kind of shocked at how their website went in the opposite direction that it should have gone. It’s no longer user friendly and I’m frustrated about navigating around the thing. Even if it’s pretty, it doesn’t seem that there is much strategy behind the design and if I don’t think it’s user friendly, I’m out of there.

The websites I design are smart, well-thought out, user-friendly, and strategic. I compare it to a state of the art bike. If you pedal, and do your part (the networking, giving people your link, blogging, etc.), the website will help you win the race. Your ideal audience will stay on your website longer and take action!

Let’s talk about cheap bikes for a second.

I had a cheap bike and I was really attached to it because my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought me it as a welcome to France gift back in the day. The thing was, it was dangerous. The frame was shaky and you had to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times to keep it stable. That’s not great when you need to make hand signals constantly, or use your hands for other things.

One day I was riding in one of the busiest parts of Amsterdam and the breaks snapped. I ran into a tourist and almost ran into oncoming traffic. It was terrifying and I feel bad for the poor injured guy, the victim of my cheap (but sentimental) bike.

In the rain, the wheels slip, and overall it’s just a cheap bike.

Now let’s pretend your cheap website is like a cheap bike. It’s great to start out with something because something is better than nothing. That bike got me from point a to b. Your starter website will take you some places, for example, you can start blogging with any website. But is it also a long-term liability.

Is your website losing visitors because it’s an eye sore, inefficient, has no strategy behind it, unprofessional, etc? Is there technical issues with it that cause you to miss out on client bookings or inquiries?

When I say you need to pedal to get anywhere on a bike, are you pedalling but accidentally running into tourists because your breaks are snapping?

Now let’s talk high quality bikes.

I recently got a new bike. This thing is built.

When I break, even in the rain, the bike actually stops. It’s so stable that the wheel doesn’t get caught in road cracks or tram tracks like my old bike. The seat is large and comfortable so I can ride further distances without needing a break. When I go fast I have total control over any turns I need to take.

Let’s say this new awesome bike is like the kind of website that I create.

When people land on the site, they know what to do. It’s clear to them who you are and what you offer. They desire to learn from you because your information is really interesting. They want to sign up for your list because your opt-in is a perfect fit and it’s really really easy to opt-in. They even book a session from you because it’s a no brainer that you’re a professional they can trust, and they do need what you offer.

You did the work to get people onto your site. You grew your social media following, you wrote the blog posts, you networked and went to events, and you wrote to your email list. You pedalled.

Now, are you pedalling into traffic and putting your business at risk, or are you pedalling on a safe frame designed to achieve your goals?


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