If there’s one thing I advocate for in business it’s being yourself. By being fully authentic and showing up as the real you online, you attract people into your business that like the real you. Everyone else who doesn’t like the real you will go away and leave you alone because there’s something about you that is off-putting to them.

This is one issue with creating a brand that’s separate from you. When you create a brand that isn’t you, you have to create a persona and then keep up that persona whether it’s for writing blog posts, on social media, or even in client interactions. People who come to you will be attracted to this persona, but not necessarily to you.

The same goes if you do have a personal brand – meaning you’re doing business under your own name. If you create a persona, rather than being yourself, you run the risk of being around a lot of people who don’t actually like or get you.

When you show up as the raw real you, business becomes easy and fun because you’re surrounded by people who are, or feel like, friends.

So what is it? What’s a “mirror reflection” website?

A mirror reflection website is a website designed to reflect the real you.

A lot of people want to check out my portfolio, which is great because it gives them a sense of my overall design capacity, but I always tell them that every single project is completely unique, no two designs will look the same. From one project to the next my design style will completely shift and that’s because it’s not about me and my style, designing websites is about channelling you and your style.

How is this done?

This is where the energy work comes into play. I’m a super sensitive person so I pick up on subtle energies. Hours of research go into every single website project before the design begins. I spend 3 or 4 days scrolling through Pinterest, paying very close attention to anything that catches my eye, that feels like you.

That’s also why it’s important that we spend a good amount of time on planning your website and copywriting first. When we spend a few weeks on these other steps, the connection between you and I, the designer and the client, becomes stronger and more energetically entangled. By the time I’m doing that design research, I can easily tap into your vibration.

This is also a method of design that causes my clients to be super satisfied on the first design, rather than having to go through revision after revision.

For me it’s perfectly logical that clients will be attracted to the design on the first try, but until it’s experienced you may not understand it fully or believe it. That’s okay.

I’m also fully myself online and offline. I’m not different in one or the other. A past client, and now very close friend, has come to Amsterdam to visit me this week and the only difference she noted from me online to me in-person is that my hair is darker in person.

Since I’m fully transparent and authentic online, I can also write articles like this, on the topic of energy and vibrational designing. If you think I’m nuts, I may not be the designer for you, but I probably am anyway because even if you aren’t into it, the websites I create will still be a mirror reflection of you.

Is there anyone who this process doesn’t work for?

If you truly don’t know who you are, or you’re insecure or living under the conditions of pleasing everyone else but yourself, or trying to keep up some sort of appearances in daily life, this won’t work for you.

I can only create a mirror reflection of what is. If you haven’t taken time in your personal life to develop your own character, confidence and being, than a mirror reflection website would mirror reflect your insecurity, your indecision, and your dissatisfaction. Trust me, this has happened twice to me, with people who had no idea who they were or what they wanted in life.

Who is this for?

Mirror reflection websites are for people who are stepping into themselves fully and authentically online. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and said, “This is me and this is what I choose to do with my life.”

At that point, the energy vortex for their desire to show up fully and live their greater all encompassing mission is so strong that when it comes down to designing the website, the designs usually fly out. It’s an energetic co-creative process.

There’s risk in being yourself. There’s risk that people won’t like or understand you. Not everyone will. When you come to terms with this fact, life opens up. At that moment, the people who do like and understand you finally show up, and for that reason alone, it’s totally worth it.



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