How often do you set a goal for yourself and not accomplish that goal? Why don’t you end up accomplishing the goal? Was it because you procrastinated on taking action? Or perhaps you took a lot of action but nothing panned out (that means you took the wrong actions)?

When you don’t accomplish the goal you may say it’s because it wasn’t the right time to accomplish it, or that you were on the wrong path and now you’re on the right path. Or you might turn to the dark side and beat yourself up telling yourself that it’s because you’re obviously not good enough to accomplish that goal, and that you should set your sights lower next time.

I’m writing all of those scenarios above because I’ve directly experienced them. I’ve beaten myself up, I’ve written it off, I’ve procrastinated, and I’ve also taken massive action on goals, yet I never could seem to achieve certain goals.

The real reason you’re not accomplishing your goals is because you have mindset blocks. You’re getting in your own way. Your sticking your limiting beliefs onto your goals, so instead of accomplishing them you’re actually achieving a perfect match to your current beliefs.

What I’m saying is not original thought. I’ve learned this from great leaders in the personal development industry. Denise Duffield Thomas has a course called Money Bootcamp (that I’m a member of) that’s 100% about uncovering and overcoming these mindset blocks. Steve Pavlina has hundreds of articles on this topic. Both of these people have accomplished their goals and gained the success they wanted – not by pushing harder, but by getting out of their own way…with their minds.

If you want to accomplish your goal you have to let yourself get there by following the clues. When you get too caught up in the “how” instead of paying attention to the NOW, and taking action on the opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves to you, you get sucked into a vortex of negative beliefs which pull you in the opposite direction.

I’m writing this because I have a new goal of making a really good amount of passive income a month. I’ve mentioned in other blog posts that I began visualizing myself actually living in this reality, then inspiration started coming. I decided to write a meal planning course. I wrote 90% of the content in just a few days. It seriously flew out of me. That’s what it feels like to be in flow.

Then I got asked, “How are you going to market it?”. The book Launch, by Jeff Walker basically fell in my lap at that point. I really liked his strategy, but he mentions you have to build a list. So for the past week I fell into a vortex of reading other people’s blogs about lists and strategies and I got into my head.

I kept thinking, “I need to create a 1-page website for this with 3 different opt-ins”, “I have to build this list”. when I sat down to design the site…crickets. Nothing came threw which was a clear sign I was out of flow.

So what happened between me being super in flow and this course flowing through me, to now being totally stagnated, getting into YouTube vortexes, procrastinating and napping – all sabotaging behaviours?

What happened was that I forgot what I was playing for. Instead of remembering to keep my eye on the ball, which was me living in the reality of making passive income, I got caught up in a needy reality of me needing to sell a bunch of these meal planning courses to get there. Who says that’s how I’m going to get there? Just because I created the course doesn’t mean it’s the be all and end all to reach my goal.

In getting into my head and thinking about the how, instead of continuing to follow the inspiration, I actually cut the inspiration off.

But since I’ve been working on my mindset a lot over the past year, I recognized this pretty quickly and I moved out of my head and back into inspiration and a miracle occurred.

How to get out of your head and back into inspiration

I noticed my procrastination by my mindless Facebook scrolling and I said outlaid, “Nope, I have a block going on right now that I need to address.”

So I sat on my bed with a notebook went through a journaling process:

First I just got things off my chest like, “I’m super confused! I don’t know what to do. All the strategies are so different. I don’t know if I should just follow my heart.”

The next step was getting clarity on exactly what I did know I needed to do. In my case, I didn’t know what marketing strategy to choose, but I did know that I could spend time designing the handouts for the course, filming the videos, and writing the sales page for the course.

So here is the biggie – what was stopping me from taking the actions I already knew to take? Why was I focusing on actions that I didn’t have clarity on?

Spending time to reflect and honestly answer those questions shifted everything.

The thing is, you have to go excavate the dark stuff and bring it into the light to let it go. The source of these thoughts come from a lifetime of conditioning so there’s no need to analyze the source so much.

Once I let those thoughts out I realized that it doesn’t matter. Just because I had the inspiration to create the course doesn’t mean its the one solution. It only means that creating the course feels

Within 3 minutes of me excavating my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts I had a new inspiration. Within 1 hour from that time, I had a squeeze page up to collect emails and I did a Facebook live about it.

Spending time to address the mindset issues and acknowledge that I was out of flow, popped me back into flow so quickly. What part of the story I’m not including is what other miracles continued to happen for the rest of the day around this.

I take a few minutes out when I’m stuck or out of flow every single time and now the results are predictable.

Acknowledge what’s in the way. Where is your thoughts actually stopping you from moving forward? Where are you limiting yourself? Get all that stuff out and you’ll see, you’ll make an instant shift. Super instant!

You get to your goal by following your clues. You follow the right clues when you’re in flow. You don’t achieve your goal when you’re out of flow, in your head, trying to figure things out, and thinking negative thoughts that you don’t even realize you’re thinking.

To end this I want to say that no matter what you’re thinking, don’t give up.



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