Not everything you do in your business has to be strategic.

It’s not always about taking the actions that will get you specific results.

If all of your actions are focused on getting you some end result, you aren’t putting intention into the value of the action itself.

Value creation lies in creating stuff. Whether you create blog posts, videos or social media posts, the value lies in you creating. The intention behind why you’re creating is transmitted to the end product, and therefore, the end result.

An example of creating solely for business strategy is creating a tripwire offer only so that customers can buy from you upon subscribing to your newsletter, thus becoming “a customer for life“, so you can sell them higher priced packages later. The intentions of selling, upselling, getting visitors to become customers immediately, and sticking them into your automated funnel, is what is transmitted into the product you create to be the tripwire.

Now let’s talk about creating for the sake of positively contributing to someone’s life. You have an idea of something that will really help your audience. You create this thing knowing that it will be so useful and helpful to these people. You put passion behind it. Then when it’s done you realize that you can give it to your audience for a really great deal by making it a tripwire. And in doing so, you can also introduce them to your other products and services later down the road. The intention you put into creating this tripwire was of value creation, increase, helping others, and passion.

The energy of your intention is felt by the end users.

Are you blogging and writing articles only for the end result you desire and for the main goal being to your benefit (even if those things are highly valuable to others)? That’s the intentional energy that goes into those things.

Or are you blogging and writing articles from your heart, with the intention of inspiring and educating others, regardless of whether or not they ever read another article from you, sign up to your list, or buy something for you?

When you start to create things in your business from a heart-centred place, where your thought is always on value creation, you’ll open up. You’ll shift your own energy from one of competition, push and drive; to one of receptivity, openness, value, and generosity.

People like those things in that latter list. People feel those things, and people want to support people with those values.

I’m so passionate about “user-friendliness” of websites, but this is so much deeper than that. This is about the friendliness of your entire energy behind your business. This is about energetic user-friendliness.

Create without expectation of an end result, fill your heart and know that what you’re creating is helping people. Things will shift. I promise.



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