I used to think that to change the world I had to work in a world-changing field. I wanted to help people and I thought that the way I could help people would be to consult with them on nutrition and help them become healthy. I wanted to help people positively change their lives. I thought this was the noble path to take in life.
Then I realized that if I’m miserable at doing a “noble” job I’m not moving anything about this world in a positive direction.

World peace is possible if every single individual on earth is happy. It’s not a one-time thing in history where every one is happy at one set time, but an eternal mission. It will forever be ongoing as new people die and are born.

There Is No Moral Points System

There is a main stream mentality that you have to “deserve” success. A lot of people who struggle justify their desire for success by saying, “I deserve this because it’s changing the world.”

I’m going to tear that apart and say that this concept of deserving is a social construct and totally false.

There are terrible people who have everything and extremely good people who have nothing. If it were about deserving, then the situation would be reversed.

Success is achieved through determination not through a moral points system. If you want success, you can have it and you don’t have to be deserving of it (whatever that means), you just have to believe in it.

But you’re the type of person who wants to contribute positively to the world anyway, because you long for more enlightened times on Earth for our generation and future generations, you don’t need to work in an objectively world-changing field to contribute to world peace.

Resenting Your Work Helps No One

If the person who works in the job that will help people is miserable doing what they’re doing, and they bring that frustration home with them, or quit taking care of themselves because they aren’t happy and start to feel apathetic, or even worse, they bottle everything up so it starts to creep out in subconscious ways, it’s not contributing to world peace.

Being Happy Is What Contributes To World Peace

So do what you love and gain success because you’re determined to and because you want it. Your success in whatever you do will inspire others to do what makes them happy, and the more happy people the better.

Happy people bring their happiness home to their families and their communities. Happy people communicate, take care of themselves, and make other people happy.

If world peace is possible by every single person being happy, then all you have to do is be happy, and do things that make you happy and then radiate that out in your own life here and now, not in some other continent, or in some future existence.

How Loving What You Do Changes Peoples Lives

I love what I do. It’s so much fun. I was listening to a personal development video on Youtube the other day and it was about money and one of the ways to ensure a continuous struggle with money is by giving it power rather than having power of it. You give money power by doing things you don’t want to do in order to get it. You have power over money by only getting it in ways you like and want. When I listened to that I thought, “I’m so lucky because I truly love every aspect of my work.”

When I work with clients, because I love what I do, I have a desire to deliver the best service and quality I possible can. I have the desire to communicate, encourage, inspire, problem-solve, and support. My giving this kind of service to these clients can possibly change their lives more than me unhappily giving them nutrition advice. Building trust among people in society, showing respect and seeing their full potential can lift their lives to the next level faster than spirulina supplementation.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t know how you make the world a better place through your work (which is a very common success block for so many women). If you’re happy, you make the world a better place period. You can have success if you want success and it has nothing to do with how many moral points you accumulate.



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